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Filed in Self Development — March 16, 2020

Do you usually overthink the sh*t out of situations or are you in a high vibe flow with your stresses? You control your thoughts, even as life gets tough as hell. Positivity comes from within.  Here are 10 tips on how to be more positive every single day.

Having constant ups and downs and dealing with them is where life takes its name of compromise from. Life is a test, be it a physical one or of one’s mind – how you handle the predicament situation depends on you! The core focus of a happy and energetic life is staying positive – a positive outlook goes a long way! So get your high vibe self into gear, cause you got this.

Take out a minute and question yourself, are you a positive person or a negative one? Do you try solving problems, let them go, or sit and let its nasty head take over you? If you overthink a lot, I get it. But no worries, I got you! 

Here are ten simple tips and tricks that you can implement in your life to be more positive. Let’s dig into it right away then!

Maintain a daily journal:

Pen it all down, be it a sad moment or a happy one! Writing it down will help you think about it while you sip your preferred flavor of coffee at the end of a busy day. Check out these morning journals prompts to start your day with intention. Review the good things you did bi-weekly and try implementing it more in the passage of the next two weeks. It increases happy vibes!  Embrace your positive mindset & manifest the sh*t out of your life! You can have it all!

Do yoga:

A yoga session a day keeps the negativity away! Yes, be it just for 15 minutes or an hour – yoga helps one meditate. The breathing exercises aid in relieving stress and calming down your nervous system.  There are so many free resources for amazing yoga classes.  Yoga by Adriane is one of my favs.

Take a f*cking break:

Why wait for people to treat you lovingly when you have yourself? Yes, go for a shopping spree or sit alone and chill at a coffee place. The more you’re happy and satisfied, the more you’ll be positive.  Taking a break is probably the most difficult item in this life for entrepreneurs.  But guess what, without breaks, you burnout & that sure as hell doesn’t help you achieve your goals.  Join the 5-day business without burnout challenge here.


Make a routine to think about what you’re grateful for.  It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or snuggles with your dog or partner.  It could be the way the sun shines through your wind or how your plants move through the day. Small thoughts of gratitude are so easy to overlook.  Putting them down on paper (or your digital notebook) will bring a breath of fresh air into your day.

Get rid of toxic people in life:

This may seem cliché but this the most important point. Surround yourself with people who follow your high vibe energy.  When the people around you have big dreams & a positive attitude it is a lot easier to do the same. Kick out every single person that brings you negative vibes – the farther away, the happier you’ll be. 

Don’t stress about it all:

Some days the stresses never end, life kicks you in the ass. You are strong and capable of handling it all.  Focus on what you can control and what you can’t. Let go of the stresses that cannot control.  They are only holding you back.  You got this.  You are more than your stress


Stay away from grapevines and even from people who indulge in gossips. It is easy to complain, the real challenge is to force yourself to think positive.  Every time you feel yourself drowning in negative thoughts & wanting to complain… SMILE.  Just force yourself to smile.   Sounds simple, right? Ha well, it’s not but it is highly effective.  Just smile and then do what you can to focus on gratitude. Just thinking about complaining/negativity drains your positive energy.


Help others, make them feel happy and satisfied, and it will come back to you. Volunteering is truly an amazing privilege. Not everyone has the luxury to give away their time and you will be rewarded with more than you could ever give.  I actually spent a year volunteering in natural disaster relief zones and met my now fiancé while there.  It is an experience I can never truly put into words.


Nature is your best friend:

No one can boost your positive vibes more than the lush green grass and the fresh air. Go out with your cup of green tea and get that positive energy overflowing. 


I mentioned this above but make it a habit to smile, the more you cheer up, the more your brain produces neurotransmitters – this helps affect your mood positively. Try now and feel the change! 


Aren’t these ten pointers easy to implement in life? They really are! Start with two or three and hit your goal in a few months. Comment below and let me know how you are prioritizing positivity in your life.

xx, Britta

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